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Posted on 2011-04-02 22:59:08

For any pregnant women one of the most important issues is the sex during pregnancy. In order to be sure that the sexual life respects this special condition, women need to consider the following things:

When to Refuse the Partner: Any woman should know that during pregnancy, her body changes. For this reason, sometimes she might have periods when she feels a high physical discomfort. There are times when a pregnant woman is exhausted which makes the sex completely unpleasant. For these reasons, her partner should respect her decisions.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: In case that the partner was exposed to these types of diseases, the sex should be avoid until the time the condition is completely treated. The best thing is to request the adequate treatment from a gynecologist.

Prenatal Factors: Another important issue is the prenatal history. In case that the woman has history of early dilatation, miscarriage, premature labor and other related conditions, she should avoid sex during pregnancy. Sex can put the woman and child at great risk.

Sex Toys: The sex toys during pregnancy are not allowed either. Any foreign object might cause infections in women who transmit them to their babies. In case that they are not treated, the infections can lead to death. As well, the treatment might have a negative effect on the unborn babies which is another reason why the sex toys are forbidden during pregnancy.

Penetration: Another risky factor is the deep penetration. Most times, men tend to be harsh at some points. During pregnancy, they should know that hard, deep penetration could endanger women’s conditions. Deep penetration can provoke massive bleeding and even miscarriage. Any bleeding should be reported right away as it might lead to serious complications.

Sexual Position: Because of the special condition, men should take into consideration the positions which offer an increased comfort level to women. One of the most comfortable positions is the side-lying, as it ensures less pressure on the abdomen. This position is good even when the bellies are bigger. The worst position which should be definitely avoided is the supine as it can obstruct baby’s oxygen supply.

Even though there are so many things to take into consideration, the sex during pregnancy helps the couples to maintain their relationships. However, it has to be done with respect and consideration for the special condition. As well, if the specialist suggests certain things, they should be respected so that the baby and the mother remain safe and healthy.