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Posted on 2011-03-16 19:43:06

When a car hydroplanes the most important thing to remember is not to panic. First, do not brake or accelerate suddenly. Since hydroplaning is a loss of traction to the front tires sudden braking slows the front tires but locks the rear tires which can cause a spin out. Also sudden acceleration could pull the vehicle straight ahead which could be dangerous if the vehicle is pointed toward the edge of the roadway.


  1. Don't Panic!
  2. Don't accelerate or brake suddenly!
  3. Look for an open space.
  4. If you are in a vehicle with ABS and traction control, then keep your foot lightly on the gas pedal while steering towards the opening.
  5. If your vehicle does not have ABS or traction control, then take your foot off the gas while you steer towards an open space


  • Make sure the tread on your tires is thick enough.
  • Slow down in the rain - go about 1/3 your normal speed.

Do not use cruise control in heavy rain; your vehicle will recognize the build up of water as a slow down and ask for more power, which may lead to problems.