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Posted on 2011-03-23 09:00:02

Here are some practical things you can do to make your interviews run smoothly.


  1. Practice by going on interviews, even for jobs you have no intention of taking.
  2. Research the company thoroughly. Use the Internet, libraries and periodicals to find current information.
  3. Know the company's market, products and goals.
  4. Memorize some facts about the company and be prepared to cite them during the interview.
  5. Formulate a list of intelligent questions to ask during your interview.
  6. Talk to people who work or have worked at the company.
  7. Hang around the building in the morning, noting how the staff dresses, as well as their body language.


  1. Make sure you know the company's location. Go on a practice run so that you know how much time you will need to get there and park.
  2. Remember your interviewer's name and title.