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Posted on 2011-03-28 04:45:20

The Honda Gold Wing is one of the largest touring motorcycles on the market. Like any motor vehicle, the Honda Gold Wing needs basic maintenance to ensure safe driving and increase the life of the vehicle. Making sure a Gold Wing has frequent oil changes and a well-maintained battery are two basic steps to keeping the motorcycle in optimum condition. These simple tasks will help keep the machine running at a peak level and decrease your chances of inconvenient breakdowns or expensive repairs.


  1. Check the oil of the Honda Gold Wing periodically, ideally every 500 miles. Gold Wings have high powered engines that burn more oil than smaller motorcycle engines. To check the oil, pull the oil rod out of the right side of the engine, clean it by wiping off the excess oil and replace it. Pull it back out and make your reading. In addition to oil level, look for white spots in the oil. Because it is exposed to the elements, the Gold Wing is susceptible to water in the engine, which is indicated by the white spots.
  2. Change the oil. Drain the oil into a drip pan if there are numerous white spots by placing the pan under the engine, and turning the oil cap in a counter clockwise movement until it releases. Replace the cap after the flow of oil stops, and add one quart of motorcycle engine oil to the oil tank. Wait for at least 20 minutes before starting to give the oil time to lubricate the mechanisms.
  3. Test the Gold Wing battery frequently. Attach the positive and negative ends of a voltage meter to the corresponding ends of the motorcycle's battery, which is located under the seat of the Gold Wing. Check the voltage reading and make sure the meter reads in the green, and not in the red area of the energy spectrum. Gold Wings are notorious for starting with an under-powered battery, but dying on long trips.
  4. Replace the battery if it registers in the red on the voltage meter. You must first remove the Gold Wing seat with a ratchet. Remove the two restraining bolts at the back base of the seat and lift the seat away. Disconnect the battery terminals using the ratchet and remove the old battery. Replace the battery with a new one, tighten the terminals on the connectors and replace the seat.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Disconnect positive terminals first when disconnecting a battery.
  2. Always use caution when handling any engine parts.
  3. Wear safety gloves and eye wear when maintaining an engine.