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Posted on 2011-05-03 17:44:33

Every body shape has types of clothes that either flatter their figure, or make them look horrible. Having short legs is one of the more difficult body types to dress, because wearing the wrong clothes cause you to look short, or body to look disproportioned.
When choosing outfits or what clothes to wear for women with short legs, it’s important to de-emphasize or hide where the legs begin.
Here we try to create the illusion of longer legs by combining silhouettes that lengthen your lower half.



  1. Mix lengths when you must wear a suit. Wear long jackets with shorter skirts, and short jackets with longer skirts.
  2. Select high-waisted pants and skirts, as these styles create the illusion that your legs start in a higher place. Ignore this tip if you're short-waisted.
  3. Opt for short skirts and shorts where appropriate. Skirts or shorts to the knee will highlight the shortness of your leg.
  4. Choose long, tapered pants such as leggings or cigarette pants. Wear capri pants and pedal pushers for casual spring and summer days.
  5. Wear shirts, jackets and coats that are short in length. Go for crop tops on warm days.
  6. Avoid tops that hit the hips and tunics and long blazers. These will lengthen your torso, thereby shortening the lower half of your body.
  7. Consider wearing all one color. This creates a long visual line.
  8. Give yourself a slight boost with a low to midheight heel. You can even find casual tennis shoes with a 1-inch heel.
  9. Steer clear of cuffed and wide-leg pants.