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Posted on 2011-03-15 21:25:54

In this drawing lesson you learn how to draw a rose with my detailed 10 steps instruction, going from basic sketch of the flower outline to shading your final rose drawing in fully rendered colors.

This step by step tutorial only concentrate on drawing the rose itself, not the whole flower with stem, leaves and barbs. I will soon create another guide to show you how to draw roses in general, which will deal with common shapes found in rose flowers. For now, let's enjoy the detailed explanation to help you create a well executed, beautiful and romantic drawing of a rose.


Step 1: Begin by establishing the flower outline frame for your rose drawing. This is very easy to do, simply quickly draw a shape that looks like circle, but not too smoothly circular, as we want our rose flower to look natural and organic. So be brave to give it some definition my actually straightening a bit here and there. Then move onto rosebud outline - a roughly drawn cylinder that has top surface look like simplified version of heart-shape.
Step 2: Start working on rosebud details. As you see, I started to sketch from the very center and then worked it further. If you learn to draw a rose this way you won't have to erase any overlapping pencil sketches and thus keep your drawing of a rose super clean and tidy! Note: I also faded the original sketch of rose outline in previous drawing step.
Step 3: Draw petals further of rose bud. You might have noticed that this how to draw a rose step has become a bit more complex. The petals start to expand create various shapes of folds and openings. My advice is to find yourself a good reference picture of a realistic rose to help better understand its anatomy and how rose petals looks like in nature.
Step 4: Add more petals to your rose sketch. The trick here is to draw fewer and larger rose petals as you move further away from the flower center. Keep an eye for any distinctive shape or swirls that you like and that add to the softness and delicate nature of rose flowers. The key to drawing really beautiful roses lies in keen observation and ability to depict those findings in your artwork.
Step 5: Final 'how to draw rose sketch' step. Sketch some extra petals on the outer edges of your rose drawing to fill in the structure outline we created in step 1. This is how I was able to draw a rose that have an artistic touch yet look balanced and natural.