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Posted on 2011-03-15 06:36:02

Anybody can draw a dragon head with a few simple lines. This is what the final drawing looks like.

Dragon Head

step2 Step 1 The first step of how to draw a dragon. The first arc down makes the spines of the dragon's head. The dip of the stroke is the dragon's forehead (think of a horse's forehead and nose). The last bit is the hook of the dragon's nose, or beak - think of a hawk's beak.
step2 Step 2 This makes the jaw of the dragon's head.
step2 Step 3 This is the bottom jaw. Adding a little hook, like the top part of the jaw, adds a nice touch
step2 Step 4 Making the other spikes from the dragon's head.
step2 Step 5 Adding the eye. Dragon eyes seem to look better if they're sharp and slanted instead of being round like human eyes.
step2 Step 6 The bottom of the eye. Fill it in for better definition against the rest of the image.