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Posted on 2011-05-26 18:48:08

Here we want to show you how to download YouTube Videos as MP4 and FLV with firefox add-ons ‘Download  YouTUbe Videos as MP4 and FLV’. The extension is based on Greasemonkey script. If you use Chrome, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer, install the script.

Here are the format you can download using this extension :

  • MP4 360p (480x270, 480x360) – allvideos are available in this format. Use it if you want to play videos on a mobile phone or to save space.
  • MP4 720p (1280x720) – HD Format, available for an increasing number of videos. Use this format if you wan to play videos on an iPad.
  • MP4 1080p (1920x1080) – HD format, available for less videos than MP4 720p
  • MP4 4K (up to 4096p) – HD format, available for a few videos.
  • The highest-quality FLV version available: FLV 240p (320x240), FLV 360p (320x240, 400x226, 640x360) or FLV 480p (640x480, 854x480).

Instruction for  Add-Ons Installation :

  1. Click on Firefox menu -> Add-ons
  2. Click Search -> type YouTube on search input then ENTER
  3. After search result appears then click Install on Download YouTube Videos as MP4 and FLV , wait until installation complete then click Restart Now link

Videos Download Instructions :

  1. Open YouTube videos
  2. Click on Download button then  click on one of video download types