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Posted on 2011-05-29 18:43:12

Do you need to email a PDF to someone, but every time you click 'Send', you receive an error message, or a few minutes later an email announcing that your file was undeliverable.If you are using a Mac, these instructions will help you in shrinking the size of your PDF file, and enable you to successfully send the document. This is called, compressing a file.


  1. Find the PDF file you would like to compress. Open it with the Preview application.
  2. Choose "Advanced" at the top of your screen, then click "PDF Optimizer".
  3. On the PDF Optimizer Form, Check on Images checkbox, then sett the quality of JPEG and select the compression Type.
  4. Check on Transparency Checkbox, then select the resolution level.
  5. Check on Clean Up checkbox, then Sett the Object compression options be Compress document structure.
  6. The final step is click OK