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Posted on 2011-04-20 18:14:21

What type of business that works for me? Have you ever asked it yourself? If you are interested in a business opportunity, I think this question must have approached you.

There are so many kinds of existing business that you can work on. It's just that sometimes we think, "I think there is no business that is right for me"

In fact if you delve more deeply to try to answer these questions, you can find the answer. One of the tips so that you succeed in building a business is to know what type of entrepreneurship is right for you.

I will try to help to facilitate you in determining what type of business is right for you.

1. Advisory

You know, a lot of people out there who need advisory services. You can grab this opportunity. Only, you need a lot of experience or education. Entrepreneurial example of this type are lawyers, accountants, financial planners, marketing consultants, counseling services and so forth.

2. Intermediary

Intermediary, also called brokers, are people who help others to find or sell a product or service. It seems many who like to type this. No need big capital and only a pair of "name and phone number." Usually you get paid a certain percentage of the value of the goods. You can become an intermediary for the sale of cars, land and even drink products. But do not get me wrong. Many intermediaries that develop into big business. An example is a successful real estate agent. If you are interested, an intermediary is one inexpensive way to do business.

3. Builder

Which includes this type are plumbers, plumber, electrician and so forth. If you have expertise and include people who are happy to see how the process of formation of something, this is suitable for your business. But remember, I did not tell you to become a plumber. You can hire people to do the job. What is important you know the technique. Much can you work on the entrepreneur's type model. You can build a house, shop or just install ceramic floor in an office building.

4. Creator

If to this one, they are someone who has a vision. Included among the graphic designers or business founders. Creativity is necessary here. Especially for business founders, usually must be combined with other capabilities that could be a partner or other person who has a strong ability in selling and operating a company.

5. Owner

Now, if you include people who have money "residual" that much, you can plunge into this kind of business types, investors. You can use your money to buy stocks, invest in real estate or "just helping" your friends who want to build a business prospect. For this type of entrepreneurial type, you are required to have expertise in investing. It takes time to learn an investment for your investment profitable crop.

6. Seller

There is an anecdote: "If you're good at selling, you will never starve." I think it is also true. Reliable Vendors are always needed everywhere. Many of them are independent and work with the commission system. Some even to the extent capable of managing other reliable sellers to work underneath. They are very powerful in communicating and including a tenacious hard worker. You can earn much money from selling.

So remember, one of the keys to your success in business is to find the type of business that fit your personality and your expertise. These are not absolute, but can allow you to get to the ladder of success.

If you ask me, including which of the above types, I'd say there are 4 that match with me. First I like to be advisors, paid after giving "advice" business.

The second is the intermediary, if the money I started thinning. Third, I was the seller. Moreover, if there is a prospect that goods can be sold.

Finally, I fit the type of creator. I like to build a business from scratch, make it systematically and left when everyone can walk without my presence.

If you are, what kind of business that matches your personal and expertise?