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Posted on 2011-03-23 08:46:25

When we talk about how to build a resume we use the term build for a good reason. The term build a resume is synonymous with building a home or any other structure where you start with an idea, followed by a written design, then starting with one small piece, add others on and end up with a strong structure.
This is exactly the way you build a resume. First you have the concept from which to build your resume, put that on paper (or computer) as if it is an architectural design, and that start to build a resume one detail and factual piece at a time.

One career specialist described building a resume as comparable with writing a term paper. He emphasized that you should put as much time, energy, attention to its details and focus on the resume you build as on the term paper you write.

Building A Resume Heading

When you build a resume you start with a heading. This is where you note your name, your address, your phone number or numbers and your email address.

If you're a college student anticipating graduation keep in mind as you build your resume that these potential employers may well view your resume after graduation. Make sure you include subsequent contact information as well. Indicating the dates of each contact and the reasons they differ. When you build a resume heading you should be centering it, and making it larger and bolder than the body of the resume itself.

If you have an email address that is affiliated with your campus or any temporary provider such as your local cable company, you would probably do best, when you build your resume, to set up a free email account that can travel with you. Don't choose an inappropriate email address as you build your resume.  Jill Morgan would be better off with Jmorgan@Yahoo.com, then PrettyLass@yahoo.com.

You might also want to include your personal URL if you have one, but keep in mind, just as with the email address, that you shouldn't direct any employer to an inappropriate website. If there's anything not professional on that site don't include it when you build your resume.

Building A Resume Objective

The next part you write as you build your resume is your objective. While you can insert something standard here as you build your resume template this is one part of your resume that should change almost with every job application. This is not the place to explain your dreams or your life's philosophy. Here is where you explain quite specifically what your immediate career goal is. Rather than saying you seek a professional position with advancement opportunities you should be stating that you seek a reporting position with a Chicago area publication, or a staff accounting position in or around Indianapolis.

The main ingredients to include as you build your resume are, of course, your work history and your education. Generally you include work experience first, starting with the most recent (hopefully the most relevant and most advanced) job back chronologically to the job you held first. Of course, if you've been working for 40 years and held 20 different jobs you'll not want to include all of them. When you build your resume it should suffice to include only the last ten years of work history.