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Posted on 2011-04-03 00:02:14

There are many fun, free activities that you can do as a family. All that is required is a bit of imagination and some time set aside for fun. And the best part is that these are the kind of fun, family memories a child will remember for a lifetime

Family Game Night
Pull out any of the games that are already around the house. Kids often get games for Christmas or birthdays, and would love to have a chance to play with their family. Or, make up some games of your own. Charades is a fun game to play that will challenge a child to use her imagination. Divide the family into teams and let each team come up with words that the other has to act out.

Family Art Time
Pick some time for the family to sit down and come up with their own masterpiece. It doesn't need to be just a drawing take some old magazines sitting around the house, let the kids cut out pictures and paste them into their own montage. Or, use items from nature. Let them use leaves, pine cones, twigs and whatever else they can find to create something from their imaginations.

Family Picnic
Taking the family for a picnic is a great way for some fun that doesn't cost any money. If the weather is nice, take them to a park or playground and let the kids have a day of playing. Or, if it is the middle of winter and a foot of snow is on the ground, set up a picnic in the living room.

Build a Fort
Building a fort lets everyone, grown-ups included, use their full imagination. Find a spot in the backyard and build a fort the kids will remember for years to come. If you don't have any space in your yard, or if the weather is too cold, build a fort in the middle of the living room. Hang sheets from bookshelves and sofas, then get out the sleeping bags for a sleepover in the fort.

Family Field Trip
A family field trip doesn't have to cost a dime. Ask a nearby farm if it would be alright to bring your kids out for a tour and to see some of the animals. Or take them to a park and make a scavenger hunt where they need to find certain items from nature. Ask a local business if you could bring the family for a tour to see how things work -- you might be surprised at the number of people who would be thrilled to share what they do with others, and it could be an interesting lesson for the kids.